June 10, 2013
Daniel Ellsberg on Dave Snowden and the Prism leak

In today’s Guardian:


June 9, 2013
Soundtrack to the Turkish revolt

Someone just posted this to me. This is the anthem of the Turkish rebellion, so listen to this when you read Memet’s posts.


June 9, 2013
Latest from Memet in Turkey…

Once again, a repost of Memet’s Facebook posts from the ongoing revolt in Turkey:

  • Memet C. Kılıç

    Tayyip Erdogan son yaptigi konusmalarla ulkeyi bolme istegini ve planini cok acik bicimde ortaya koyuyor. Hepimizin zaten bildigi vatan hainligini uzun suredir gozunu, kulagini kapatanlara da kanitliyor. Cunku kim olursa olsun bu kadar dusuncesiz, saf ve hesapsiz olamaz, Erdogan bile olsa. Hic mi kimse yok yaninda ona soyleyecek, ya da hic mi, bir saniye icin bile olsa dusunmuyor yaptiginin birakin basbakanliga, birakin politikaciliga, insanliga bile sigmadigini. Kendi kuyusunu kazmakla, kendi cokusunu hizlandirmakla kalmiyor, bir ulkeyi de batacagi bok cukuruna cekmeye calisiyor. Onun kadar kotusu bu ulkeye gelmedi, saniyorum, umuyorum, bir daha gelmeyecek de.

    "With his recent public speeches, Tayyip Erdogan (the PM) made his intentions and plans of dividing the country very clear. He’s proving his treason even to his folowers who have been closing their eyes and ears for so long. Because no one, even Erdogan, can be this unthoughtful and naive. Isn’t there anybody by his side to warn him? Or doesn’t he stop to think even for one second the speeches he make are very inappropriate for a human being, let alone a prime minister or a politician? He’s not only digging his own pit and accelarate his own downfall, but is trying to bring a country into the shithole that he’s falling. There never was anybody who’s as bad as him for this country; and I think, and hope, there won’t be anybody in the future."


June 6, 2013
An international call for solidarity protests from the Turkish Protest movement

It’s here:


June 6, 2013
Still more from Memet

Police brutality in Ankara is still going on and it’s more intense than ever!

Dün gece Ankara’dan bu görüntü.

Gözler Taksim’de ama, Ankara’ya dönülse iyi olur biraz.

Ne yazık ki Ankara’nın bir ‘Çarşı’ sı yok.!
Photo: Dün gece Ankara'dan bu görüntü.

Gözler Taksim'de ama, Ankara'ya dönülse iyi olur biraz.

Ne yazık ki Ankara'nın bir 'Çarşı' sı yok.!
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June 6, 2013
More Turkey

More from Memet:

Memet C. Kılıç shared a link.
ATTENTION!!! Facebook keeps taking down the page for “Call for International Solidarity” 

This is “Call for International Solidarity”s blog. 

PLEASE share the link! PLEASE spread the word!

InterOccupy | 8-9 June – Call for International Solidarity with #OccupyGezi in 13 Languages
Want to Help Plan the Occupy National Gathering? Or just find out all the wonderful plans in the works? Join Our Weekly Call!

June 6, 2013
Re-blogging for Turkey

My old room mate Memet is in Turkey and has been posting updates on the latest events in the ongoing conflict in his country. I’ve asked him to write a comprehensive essay on the rebellion, but so far he hasn’t had time, so I’m going to start re-posting his posts here. If you have questions, post them in the comments and I’ll relay them to him.

From Memet:

… All fellow comrades, the world’s press has its eye on Taksim, however the police are not attacking Taksim as they do in Ankara at the moment. Therefore the resistance seems settled and eased in Turkey in the eye of the international media. Whereas excessive use of force by the police against protesters is still going on in Ankara. They shoot gas bombs into flats and apartments, they beat people, arrest them and they still use rubber bullets. Police torture is gradually increasing and becoming more violent. We need to draw attention to Ankara via social media as we did at the beginning of the protests. Please give a hand and help us raise humanity consciousness on resistance in Ankara! We demand our freedom of expression on our rightful resistance without being afraid and hiding anywhere. Support us! Because at the moment EVERYWHERE KIZILAY, EVERYWHERE RESİSTANCE! #OccupyTurkey #DirenAnkara #OccupyAnkara
…..and that’s it for now. More as I get it.


June 6, 2013
Hey! You can’t talk to the D train like that! It’s not the Q train!

A bunch of commuters trying to talk a scared D train out of it’s hole. This is so funny.

May 9, 2013

One of the Cooper square organizers speaking wisely

May 9, 2013

If you’ve been wondering where all the smart folks who were in Zucotti park in September of 2011, before the crazy folks & drug addicts moved in on them, they’re outside the main entrance to cooper union, on 7th st & Bowery in manhattan (6 train to Astor place or r train to 8th st) right now. Prediction: this is going to be an amazing summer.

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