December 3, 2011
Good Evening.

Sorry the few posts these last couple days. I covered half the borough of Brooklyn today loft hunting for a place to keep the 200+ occupiers who currently have no place to live. 

It’s going to be killing cold this winter, and we’ll probably see the first really nasty nights somewhere around the 15th, or a little more than 10 days from now. So there’s a certain urgency to finding appropriate lofts. 

If you have any clues, send them my way. We’re looking for one or more spaces (preferably close to each other) with a total square footage of between 5000 - 7000 sq. ft. We can pay for this. Raw space is preferable, must have electricity.

I should be back to a normal schedule in a couple days, but this is something I and only a few other OWS people are well suited for, so I’m stuck with it.

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