January 30, 2012
Hey, piss me off, why don’t ya?

Every now and then, some Democratic Party website will remind me of why I’m a registered independent for all but one year of my life. Today, MoveOn did just that. I’m not going to link back to the offending post, except to say that they posted a 3 month old link as if it had just happened and committed the grave sin of taking #Occupy’s name in vain, and worse still, alongside a partisan political appeal for the Dumbocratic Parody*.

Get this, MoveOn: We are not now, nor shall we ever be, interested in any way in being an arm of the Democrats. We do not believe the system needs to be reformed by electing more turn coats like Obama, Al Franken, Sherrod Brown, et al, who happily solicit our time and donations and then cave or worse still actively advocate against our collective interest. There is only ONE elected politician in America I trust, his name is Bernie Sanders, and he’s an Independent Socialist, not Republicrat. Further, despite how much I love Bernie, I wouldn’t campaign for him on this site either. WE DO NOT ENDORSE POLITICIANS, and we DO NOT see the Democrans or the Republicrats as any kind of solution on any level. The system does NOT need to be reformed, it needs to be REPLACED. When you endorse that idea on your page, you can use our name.

Until then, FUCK OFF.

….Oh yeah, one more thing. Don’t call your one-way site a blog just because it allows comments. A blogger doesn’t just allow comments, s/he responds to them personally.

Care to respond to this? I’m not holding my breath.

UPDATE: I was in such a hurry to shoot off my big stupid mouth I forgot to include a link to what I was pissed about. It’s there now.

I’d also like to add, that what made me angry mostly was that this is old news. That they had a link to this the day before yesterday, as if it were just happening now, is insulting. It was an obvious fund-raising ploy, and  it stinks. 

It’s such a quandry to be both grateful for their help when they help, and yet furious when they try to depict you as an arm of their antiquated party politics. It’s like someone giving you a lift in their horse and buggy when you’ve got a flat at the side of the road, and then bragging in town about it as their proof that you now hate cars or bicycles, and prefer horses.

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